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665 UC for just 533 Rs PUBG MOBILE cheap UC Purchase

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Finally MidasBuy PUBG Mobile Cheap UC Purchase trick is back again. To clarify This trick is mix of two tricks. In past there was a trick to Purchase UC from Midasbuy for discounted amount. But PUBG MOBILE & MidasBuy removed the important factor in the trick as a result trick stopped working. The important factor was Razer gold. But its back now. As result Now you can buy 665 UC for just 533 Rs only, using Midasbuy & playstore offers.

What is MidasBuy ?

MidasBuy is In-Game currency purchase platform for many games. Above all They provide safest purchases & some times special discounts. Most importantly anyone can Gift UC to anyone with just their In-Game ID. Many YouTubers use this website to gift the giveaways to their winners & send gift to their fans. You can buy for yourself also, it’s really easy & safe platform.

What is Razer Gold ?

Razer Gold is online virtual currency made just for Gamers. With help of this this currency you can buy almost any online game or in-game content. This worldwide accepted currency is available for almost on all gaming platforms and all online gaming stores. For example you can make a purchase using Razer Gold in over 33,000 games and entertainment content. Each spend in Razer Gold earns you Razer Silver, the only loyalty rewards program for gamers. Checkout the rewards section to redeem Razer silvers.

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HOW TO BUY 665 UC for 533 Rs PUBG Mobile Cheap UC Offer


Midasbuy PUBG Mobile Cheap UC purchase

Finally to the UC Purchase Part. This tutorial is divided into two parts. First past is really essential since it’s a Discount offer provided by PlayStore which is valid till 23 March only. And it’s not available for everyone. And even if you don’t got this offer you can still buy 680 UC FOR 625 RS WHICH is better than official 660 UC for 799 rs.

Part 1 – 200 rs off on Google PlayStore

If you don’t know how to get this offer Checkout 200 Rs discount on PUBG MOBILE In-Game Purchase  Go to your PUBG Mobile app, click on plus(+) sign besides UC to load UC into your account. Now select 300 UC pack which will give you 325 UC for 420 Rs. Checkout below images for referance. Now You are going to Have 325 UC in your account just for 220 Rs only. Next Step is buying 340 UC for 313, this trick will be on MidasBuy using Razer Gold.

Step 1- Select 300+25 Pack
Step 2- 200 Rs off on 420 Rs
Step 3- Purchase Successful

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Part 2 – 340 UC for 313 Rs on MidasBuy using Razer Gold

Now for remaining 340 UC you need to go to MidasBuy & buy UC through Razer Gold. Just for Fast & Reliable payment, first create accounts on MidasBuy & Razer Gold site, It will make Tutorial less confusing to you. I have attached a Youtube Video below. Its simple & I have Tried to explain everything in full details. If yo have any questions or problem feel free to comment below. 

Congratulations You just got 665 UC for 533 Rs which is almost 35% off Discount better than any place you can find. We post these type of Offers regularly on our Site so don’t forget to Like us on Facebook, Follow on Twitter & Subscribe on YouTube channel. Thats it for now !! Thanks for the read.

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