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What is PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is Most Popular Battle Royal Game presented by Tencent Games & PUBG Corporation. This game provides you better experience using different modes & battlegrounds. You can play with your friends using squad or duo mode or you can go One man army using Solo mode. You have to defeat all opposing players & when you are the last one standing you get the infamous Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.

About Us

This website is totally dedicated to most popular Battle Royal game PUBG Mobile played on Android, iOS & Tencent Gaming Buddy Emulator. This site will help you to improve your game-play & provide you good Tips & Tricks to help you get the Winner Winner Chicken Dinner. 

We also provide awesome Offers available in PUBG Mobile with total guide & tutorials. These Offers include UC Offers, Great Outfits & weapon finishes at awesome discounts & Sometimes free at all. We really care about users & want to help this community with our hearts. Please If you like our site, Subscribe to us & get all important updates in your inbox

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