Anniversary Purchase bonus extra free UC

Anniversary Purchase Bonus Extra Free UC

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PUBG Mobile to has given new offer Anniversary Purchase Bonus to celebrate the 2nd Anniversary of PUBG Mobile. In this offer you get extra Free UC & Anniversary UMP45 skin for free by buying Any amount of UC from PUBG mobile.

Anniversary Purchase Bonus – Free UC & Anniversary UMP45 Skin

SO the offer is, You need to buy any amount of UC from PUBG Mobile In-Game UC section & you will receive all rewards for free. Follow these steps for Guarantied rewards.

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Go to Offers section which is just below the event in right side of your PUBG Mobile. Check for the offer “Anniversary Purchase Bonus” click on it. New popup will open which shows something like this

Click on Purchase now & it will take your UC Purchase menu in PUBG Mobile. Select any pack you want, I tried with 60 UC & it worked for me. This offer is like If you Buy more then your get more free UC so decide for yourself. After you done with purchase of UC, it will bring you to same screen where it shows collect option instead of Purchase UC now. Collect from there & it will give you Anniversary Lucky Pack, UMP45 Skin(Limited for 1day) & 12 Silver Frags(thrash).

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Now go to your inventory & Select this lucky pack crate which you got from Anniversary Purchase Bonus offer. & Click on Use. It will give you free UC.

I received only 30 UC since I purchased 60 UC, Maybe you will earn get more free UC if you buy more UC. But many users from Reddit have gotten many more than this. The above image is from one user who got 3600 UC from this, he also purchased 60 UC pack. Now Best of luck to you !! Don’t forget to utilize this “Anniversary Purchase Bonus” for yourself.

Don’t forget to tell me in the comments below, how much you got. If you have suggestions then feel free to comment below.

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