download & install PUBG Mobile KR Korean Version for android

Download & Install PUBG Mobile KR Korean Version in Android Update 0.18.0

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So today we will be discussing about PUBG Mobile KR Korean version which can be played on Android Phones. There are many versions for PUBG Mobile like Chinese Version, Beta Version & PUBG Mobile Lite. Since we all know about Global version I will not discuss about it. But I will discuss all other versions with reference to Global Version, so even if you are here for Global Version stick around for more information. I will make different posts for every version for easy understanding.

PUBG Mobile KR Korean Version

So first we need to download & install Korean version for pubg Mobile. I have created a brief video tutorial on this topic for android users so checkout it below. Also here are some tips you should never forget before download & install PUBG Mobile KR Korea Version. 1. Don’t use your Global version account, it will reset to zero & you have to start from scratch. 2. This version is in English, so you don’t have to worry about it too much. 3. This version has so many awesome Crates & also awesome outfits, Gun Skins & accessories in Sliver Frag Redeem section. 4. Don’t install it in same space(Create Second Space or User) as of your Global Version.

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How to Download & Install PUBG Mobile KR Korean version

Here is the download link for PUBG Mobile KR Korea Version. This version is not available in Play Store for any other region except Korea & Japan.

  • Download PUBG Mobile Korea Version from ApkPure which is in .xapk format. 
  • Rename the file to .zip (add .zip at the end of file name)
  • Extract file & install APK.
  • Don’t open the app after install
  • First copy OBB files to the Android/OBB/com.pubg.krmobile (If any folder is not available, directly copy downloaded folder to that missing folder)
  • Now open the app, it will ask for some storage permissions, allow it.
  • Now it take some time to load the data files. 
  • Once its done, Select your account(Don’t use your Normal PUBG account). And game will start.

Features & Extra Benefits in PUBG Mobile Korea version

So I reviewed PUBG Mobile KR Korean Version, soon I will upload a Video on my YouTube channel & attach it Here.

Checkout PUBG Mobile Update 0.17.0 Release date & All New Features

PUBG Mobile Korean Update 0.18.0 does not have any different or Special modes right now. But in Recent past there was a mode where Players can fight a Dragon & some weird creatures, It felt totally different game. But currently there are no special events. But there is something really special about it.

Awesome Weapon Finishes, Outfits, Plane & Parachute Finishes & many more

So the special thing about Korean Version of PUBG Mobile is the Crates & All available Outfits, Weapon Finish & other things. Since this version is for Developers, Every Outfit & Weapon finish released first in PUBG Mobile Korea Version. You can find so many Awesome Outfits & crates for like thousand silver frags, you can get a skin for Kar98, AKM, M416, Groza & many more weapons. There are so many Parachute & plane finishes. Its really exciting. 

Players are really High Level

And the other thing about this Version is the Players. They are so skilled, I mean they all are pros & have such fast & accurate gameplay. Just take Athena’s Example he is like God of PUBG mobile & you know how he dies sometimes in his stream. The gameplay level in Korean PUBG Mobile is really high. Its on Another level. And also you can play with Gloabal version players through this version so its not really that a problem.

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