Free UC from Flipkart SuperCoins

Free UC from Flipkart Supercoins

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Now you can get free UC using flipkart. All you have to do is just redeem some “SuperCoins” and you can buy a Royale pass with it. So Let’s get into it. All these amazing UC Offers are available for you on our site.

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Get Completely Free UC using Flipkart SuperCoins

Step 1
At bottom bar click on SuperCoins
Step 2
Click on Rewards
Step 3
Slide the categories until you find Gaming
Step 4
Scroll below to find the offer

As many of you already know, there is an feature in flipkart which provides you redeem points known as “SuperCoins” when you buy something from flipkart. And you might already have some coins in your account. To check your SuperCoin balance just go to flipkart app or site, You can see “Supercoins ” at bottom bar of your app. These Supercoins will let you get Free UC using Redeem Offer.

Redeem SuerCoins to get Free UC

These supercoins are valuable since you can redeem them for vouchers & many more discount on different products on Flipkart. Now Flipkart has also been trying to get into the trend of PUBG Mobile by giving an offer where you can redeem a Royale Pass using these SuperCoins. As you can see from the screenshot taken from  Flipkart App, you need 650 Coins to get the 660 UC in your PUBG Mobile app. Its really simple. But recently Flipkart has changed the offer to 799 coins for royale pass.

Free UC from Flipkart

How to get SuperCoins

For each 100 Rs of purchase you make on on Flipkart you get 2 Supercoins(max 50 per order) if you have basic membership. And if you are Flipkart Plus member(it show in your app on top corner), you earn 4 supercoins(max 100 Supercoins per order) for 100 Rs purchase on Flipkart. Also you get supercoins only when return period is over. And if you return the product you don’t get any SuperCoins. So just ordering random things & returning won’t work. But we can workout this simple way.

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Get Plus Membership for 300 Supercoins

When you get 300 SuperCoins in you account, first purchase the Plus Membership. It won’t deduct those 300 coins. They would still be in your account & you can redeem them for this offer. This way you will earn double coins with same orders. And you will reach your free UC goal faster than before.

Earn Extra SuperCoins with Simple Strategy(My own-Take your won risk)

So what I did was, I went to some of Mobile shops in my town, and asked them if they want to buy any smartphones or accessories online & ordered it on my account. I got around 750 coins without spending money in just a month, And got this 660 UC Offer. You can also try that or order things for your friends & families & earn more coins. 

Other benefits of SuperCoins

If you don’t want to buy UC , you can also redeem these for Flipkart Gift Vouchers available on shopping section of Redeem point. That way your each supercoins will be 2Rs worth.

So how many SuperCoins you already 2 got ? Did you already redeemed the Free UC ?? Discuss in comment below. If you have any questions or suggestions or ideas feel free to share in  the Comments below.

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