How to download & Install PUBG Mobile beta All features miramar 2.0 win94 with scope

How to Download Latest PUBG MOBILE BETA 0.18.3 for Android & iOS

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GLOBAL beta 0.18.3 is out & here is tutorial on how to download & Install and all features present in PUBG Mobile beta 0.18.3. There has been new Safety Scramble Mode introduced in this version. Also Miramar 2.0 will be live for beta users along with Desert storm. Miramar 2.0 includes many features like Golden mirado, vending machine which provide energy drink & painkillers. Win94 with scope will be exclusive to miramar only. Many new compounds & areas through out the map. And not to forget race track. Here is full post on Miramar 2.0 full guide. This pubg mobile beta is available for both iOS & Android. PUBG Mobile beta ios link is down below.

Here is full Video on Beta version 0.18.3

Many of you may already know, beta version are testing version. Many players play these version & feedback to developers about the bugs & improvements needed. This help building the stable version more stable & worthy for users. So let’s get into the tutorial on how to download & Install latest PUBG Mobile beta 0.18.3.

How to download & Install Latest PUBG Mobile beta 0.18.3

This version has almost 1.6 gb of file. You need faster internet connection to download the file. I would recommend using UC browser for mobile users & IDM if you are downloading in PC. Here is full step-wise guide-

  1. Download the installation file from download button below. PUBG Mobile beta iOS link is also present.
  2. Now find this file in your phone & Install.
  3. Open the installed PUBG Mobile beta 0.18.3 & follow regular process.
  4. Just for safety, don’t use your main pubg mobile account.
  5. Now login with guest or any other account.
  6. You have successfully installed BETA VERSION of PUBG MOBILE.

download pubg mobile beta version for android

Download pubg mobile beta version for ios

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NEW BlueHole or Safety Scramble Mode in Evogrounds Erangel

How to download & Install PUBG Mobile beta miramar 2.0 win94 with scope

Many of us were expecting Erangel 2.0 in this update. BUT instead of that we got new Evogrounds mode in Erangel. This mode features Extra Blue-Purple zone inside a safe zone. If you go inside this purple zone your health will drop just like blue zone.

new safety scramble mode in pubg mobile beta 0.18.0

new safety scramble mode with purple zone

Also this Purple zone becomes next safe zone when the blue zone completely closes. This is very good since you already know where will be the next safe zone & also there will be less space for teams to fight. This will make matches more intense & interesting. Also it has 50% increase in loot & you can revive your teammates in just 4 seconds. I hope this new BlueHole or Safety Scramble Mode comes in next PUBG Mobile update. What do you think will it be available in next update? Or you think there is no need?? Feel free to comment your thoughts in comment section below. iPhone or iPAD users can also download think PUBG mobile beta iOS version from above link.

Checkout New Library Map coming soon in Next update.

Win94 with Scope will be exclusive to Miramar

win94 with scope exclusive to miramar 2.0 & safety scramble mode

The new improved Winchester 94 with Scope will be exclusive to the Miramar. Win94 will not be available in any other map after this update. The newly scoped version of this 0.45 sniper is amazing. This gun has around 3x of scopes & due to thin corsshair its really satisfying to shoot headshots. I really liked this gun now. I hope this features comes in Global Version also in upcoming pubg mobile 0.18.0 update. Checkout the video on my YouTube channel for Win94 with scope gameplay.

This will be all. If there will be any other information available, I will update this topic. So don’t forget check it back. If you like my post, you can follow the blog to get latest updates in your inbox. Also don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel for latest updates & amazing videos. Thanks for the read.

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