Is pubg mobile chinese game or product ?

IS PUBG Mobile Chinese ? PUBG Mobile Income & Owner

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As you all know PUBG Mobile is world’s most famous Multi-player Battle-Royale game which has won hearts of millions of people around the world. This game is so much fun to play because you can play it with your friends & family. It also holds many high prize 🏆 tournaments which attracts many professionals gamers from all around the world. But due recent incidents & #boycottchina campaigns pubg mobile really facing some issues in INDIA. so is pubg mobile a Chinese game or product ? We will discuss all PUBG mobile owner. Also we are gonna see who earn more money from pubg mobile & all pubg mobile income sources. So lets start.

Is pubg mobile chinese game or product ?
Is pubg mobile chinese game

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Is PUBG Mobile a Chinese game ?

As many of you already know, pubg mobile is basically a mobile version of PUBG which was available on PC, PlayStation & Xbox. PUBG game was Brendan Greene, an Irish-born video gamer’s Idea. PUBG Corporation which is an internal studio of Bluehole, a South Korean company developed & published PUBG for the world. But in 2017 China banned PUBG. Thus tencent acquired the rights of PUBG & released in China which was instant hit. Later in 2018 Tencent also developed the mobile version of PUBG called PUBG Mobile with LightSpeed. This was without a dought a huge success for them. This totally makes tencent PUBG Mobile owner along with LightSpeed.

PUBG might be developed by Bluehole which currently knows as Krafton Game Union, but PUBG Mobile was developed by Tencent & you can say that its Chinese game since Tencent being Chinese company. Tencent is multinational company which is the largest gaming company in the world. You can clearly understand from this.

Who earn more money from PUBG Mobile ? PUBG Mobile Income

Who earns most Profit from PUBG Mobile
Who earns most Profit from PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile has more than 100 million downloads on Playstore. And main source of income of pubg mobile is from purchasing in-game currency(UC) & OUTFITS, FINISHES & EMOTES. PUBG mobile is off course free game but many people buy in-game currency for special weapons skins & Outfits. According to data PUBG Mobile earned around 226$ million doller just in May of 2020, which made it highest grossing game in the world. PUBG mobile income is atleast 9$ million dollers per month in India. You can see from this, how much money people are spending on this game.

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According to some reports, tencent has earned almost 1.34$ Billion from PUBG mobile, which makes it highest earning company from PUBG Mobile. And tencent has shares in so many other gaming companies like Epic Games which developed Fortnite & many other games, Riot games & also in Bluehole. This clearly shows tencent game holding most of shares in PUBG Mobile which makes it Chinese game. This might break hearts of many PUBG Mobile fans from INDIA.

So what are you thoughts about this? Do you think pubg should be banned in INDIA ? Or you still love your favorite game. Don’t forget to tell me in comments below.

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