New Library MAP in PUBG Mobile Chinese Beta Arena Mode

New Library Map coming soon in PUBG Mobile

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Recently in PUBG Mobile Chinese Beta Update also known as Game for Peace reveled new Library MAP in PUBG Mobile Arena !! New Map looks so exciting & FUN !! Everyone was hoping for Erangel 2.0 update. But there has been also leaks about Miramar 2.0. Checkout the link for more info. I have also uploaded Gameplay of Miramar 2.0 on my YouTube channel.

New Library Map in PUBG Mobile Arena

This map is complete 2 floor library with lots of stairs & maze like structure. It looks so confusing MAP. But this MAP has so many Ambush Points & hiding location & looks really vintage. You feel like playing totally different game.

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This MAP is somewhat different than other PUBG Mobile Arena MAPs. There is no Loadout for this new Library MAP in chinese beta update. Game will give you weapons automatically. Everytime you kill a enemy, your weapon changes automatically !! If any player from completes 18 kills then his/her team wins. So basically you need to handle 18 different weapons. These weapons include AR, Bolt Action Rifles, DMRs, SMGs, Pistols & lastly the most important weapon at 18 no. PAN.

I will soon upload a video about this New Library MAP in PUBG Mobile Arena. SO don’t forget to checkout my YouTube Channel here !!

While PUBG Mobile Players are asking for Better game optimization & Banning Cheaters & Hackers, Developers are busy in making more modes. Some players totally dislike this attitude of PUBG Mobile developers. I really hope they should bring more optimizations to the game & offer smoother & cheat free gameplay for everyone.

That’s it for today ! What are your thoughts on this New Library Map in PUBG Mobile Arena ? Do you wanna play this map ? Share your thoughts & suggestion in the comments below. Thanks for the read !!

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