PUBG Mobile New map LIVIK coming to game- All in One Map

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Hello guys once again I am back with some crispy & interesting news. After a long time, PUBG Mobile releasing a New Map update to the game. According to some rumors on YouTube it will be named as LIVIK. Testing has been already started for this new LIVIK map. And also I have got my hands on some gameplay footage for this new map. PUBG mobile official confirmed it on their twitter handle. So lets get into this.

pubg mobile new map venezia coming soon to the game

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New LIVIK map coming soon is Already in Testing

SO few days ago many of the professional YouTubers & Players tweeted about these images which shows testing invite for this new map. Here is below image. This PUBG mobile new map LIVIK was rumored last year. But rumored images shown circular map. And ths maps looks kind of Erangel in shape.

pubg mobile new map testing invitation to pro players

And yesterday PUBG Mobile twitted these images of their official account.

new map update 1-4 based on brazil

new map update 2-4

new map update 3-4

new map update 4-4

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First 2×2 KM Map with 60 Players only

pubg mobile new map livik

This map is really small & has only 2×2 km area. Also only 60 players will matched in this map. So it won’t really be crowded. It has good amount of loot also. Since it is so small, there are also some doughts that this might be a new mode in arcade or arena & won’t be available in classics. But we will see soon enough. Many of the PUBG Mobile Partners has gotten invitation to play this map in beta testing.

All Four Maps in One Map

This new map livik is basically mix of all four maps. Even though it’s small map, it contains Desert area, snow area, waterfall & huge modern city. This map is going have same amount of loot as of sanhok & also has cave like sanhok but on small scale. It also has small city with containers which looks like small georgepol or novo. And not to mention astonishing waterfall which has secret loot location. Checkout above video for more info.

This map’s snow area looks like Vikendi & has vintage culture theme. This Map will also spawn the latest released P90 SMG everywhere. You can checkout more about this gun herehere. This map also has small cave like Sanhok & looks so much alike.

PUBG mobile New map LIVIK Based on Brazil ??

Images clearly saying “Breaking new ground” & “Open for Trial”. Also here location says “Gamers’ cafe” which might sound weird. I think this new map is anyhow related to the coffee. May be it represents the region which has highest production of coffee in the world. Also PUBG Mobile new map update really looks like the Brazil map. see here

new map update related to brazil-min

And here is what you get if you connect all those images tweeted by PUBG Mobile INDIA.

pubg mobile new map venezia based on brazil or south america

So what are your thought about this new map LI ? Tell me in comments below. I know many people are frustrated over problems like high ping, lagging issues,  increased no. of hackers & cheaters in game & many more problems. I hope pubg mobile developers are looking into these problems. Cause all of this will be worthless if there are no players to play the game. So stay tuned for next updates.

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