Season 11 Royal pass

PUBG Mobile Season 11 Royal Pass

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PUBG Mobile Season 11 Royal Pass is here !!!

Season 11 Royal pass

Hurray !!!! Season 11 Royal Pass is Here. This season it has been named “Operation Tomorrow” with headline “I am Tomorrow“. Bringing us amazing Gun skins & Outfits and not to mention all other Rewards !!! I am really excited for this. But you guys probably have seen it before since I am posting this article way later than it is released. I was busy with some work so here am I …. So lets get into it !!!

PUBG Mobile Season 11 Royal pass

This time I don’t know how it happened but PUBG people have really given us an M416 skin in this Update. I Mean this gun is so popular that PUBG people never gave this gun skin below 1000 UC price, But this season they are giving it in Royal Pass !! I am sure many people have purchased royal pass just for this gun, But don’t forget even if you bought it only for this gun, you can get back your 600 UC by completing all mission is royal pass, I mean you have to work hard to complete all missions and not to mention they have even made these  mission really hard this season.


So lets start with level wise here.  So first awesome reward in Season 11 Royal pass is The Pummeler M762 & Black Rose set which you can get on Level 1 of Royal Elite pass. This Gun skin so awesome, now days many of Rush-Palyers are using this gun for close combat & now they can show-off with this gun like a pro !!! Also the Black Rose set as much fire as this Pummeler M762 skin.

Season 11 The Pummeler M762 skin

Black Rose Set

Next awesome reward in this royal elite pass is, the MVP emote – Selfie at Royal Elite pass level 10. Its so much awesome !! I really like this one since I play with female character !! I have seen so many players playing with female characters, I mean since I am guy, I would like to see some beautiful women on my screen not some dude !! Tell me in comments which character you use & why !!

Next one is The Pummeler Buggy on Level 15. This is also nice Buggy skin. I might use this one from now on. I really want fire type skin on my buggy though.

the pummeler buggy

On Royal Pass Level 20 you get Emote- Triple Like and on Elite pass level 20 you get The Pummeler Helmet. This completes the Pummeler set also. The emote is nice But the helmet is Fire !!! I really like this helmet !!

The Pummeler Helmet

Next is on Elite pass Level 25 Midnight Punk Emote. Share your thoughts about this emote in comments down below. Season 11 Royal pass is so great !! So many exciting rewards.

On Elite pass Level 30 you get Reckless Mercenary suit. This one is military outfit so some people are really gonna like it.

Reckless Mercenary Set

On Level 40 Lost in the Night Parachute for free players & Black Rose Pan for Elite pass players. The pan looks so much awesome. and Parachute is also great. But I have better parachutes than this. But its for everybody. So no one’s gonna complain.

Lost in Night Parachute

Black Rose Pan

On Level 50 Drifter – Aug skin for everybody & Black Rose Airplane finish for Elite pass users. The Aug skin is fire man. And so is plane finish. This season there really are great rewards as compare to season 10 & season 9.

Season 11 Royal pass Drifter Aug

Black Rose Place Finish

Next one on Elite pass Level 55Elite Agent Emote. This emote is really good as compared to Triple Like emote on Level 20.

On Elite pass Level 60 Urban Dweller Set

Season 11 Urban Dweller Set

On Elite pass Level 70 Silly Chicken Backpack. This backpack looks so funny & cool !! I am definitely gonna try this one.

Season 11 Silly Chicken Backpack

And Here Comes the Main dish of this Season Spector M416 skin on Elite pass Level 80 !! This gun is so awesome, I am really gonna get this one. I have 6 M416 skin including Golden Trigger & Glacier(up-gradable), But from now on this will be my main M416 skin. Please comment your thought about this skin down below.

Season 11 Royal Pass Spector m416

Finally here comes Level 90 & Level 100 Reward !! The Elite Force Mask & Elite Force Set !!! The mask alone is fire, and suit also is really Awesome.

Season 11 Royal Pass Elite Force Set & Mask

So thats it for Royal pass Season 11 !! What do you think about this ? Which one is your favourite ? Please share your thought & suggestion in comment. And if you like reading my Blog then share it with your friends & family, It really helps me !! Thanks for the read !!



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