Universal Marker & Default Parachute Follow in pubg mobile

PUBG Mobile Universal Marker & Default Parachute Follow

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Today we will talk about New feature Universal Marker & Default Parachute Follow released in PUBG mobile Update 0.17.0 along with so many features. PUBG Mobile released update on 3 march 2020. These features changed the game completely.

What is Universal Marker in PUBG mobile ?

PUBG Mobile Universal Marker-min

Universal Marker has been introduced in PUBG Mobile Update 0.17.0 which can improve the marking features present in the game which are “Enemies Ahead” & “I got Supplies” which shows marks on the Map for some duration. But those were not enough since Many Players are unable to use voice & can’t specify some scenarios which makes them vulnerable to situations during ambush or enemies attack. To counter this PUBG Mobile has released this new feature which you have to enable from the settings. So lets get into this.

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How to Enable Universal Marker in PUBG Mobile

Here are the step that you can follow to Enable this feature. First go to setting at bottom corner of your screen. Click Basic setting if you already not in it. Slide below & you can find this feature below the Auto-open Door. Now Enable it. Then go to your control setting & place its position on your screen as you like it. Now you are good to go. You can also Improve your gameplay by using PUBG Mobile Controllers or Triggers. You can play easily like pro using these accessories. I post all accessories which can help you play like Pro player. Checkout the Accessories in Menu abobe or use this link.

Also you can normally mark supplies with this new universal marker. Point your pointer on the item & single tap on Marker. It will mark the supply just like we do with I got Supplies. And if you mark it on any other place, it will say “Marked location”. You can double tap on this marker to show enemies, which shows “Danger ahead” & marker on desired location. This marker will eventually remove the default marker in the game.

Universal Marker Features & how useful it is in PUBG Mobile

Now players can easily place markers for four different situations which are really crucial for strategies & creative gameplay. First one is Attack, when you use this marker it shown orange Target mark on the map. Next one is Defense, It shows shield white shield mark on the map. Next marker is Assemble to give your team mates a location for to assemble. Last one is, Someone was here to tell your Teammates about already looted or visited places. Other Markers only play Voice & shows in Yellow color in chat field. Next we will talk about Default Parachute follow feature in the game.

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What is Default Parachute Follow in PUBG Mobile & how to Enable it

Default Parachute Follow in PUBG Mobile-min

This feature allows players to follow their team mates automatically when someone send the parachute follow request. You can Enable or Disable this from settings menu as you did with Universal Marker, Its just below the Universal marker & its by default Enabled. Default Parachute feature was somewhat present in PUBG Mobile for some season, we don’t know If it was bug or what, but you would directly get followed to someone if they sends you follow request in the waiting area before match. It was dependent on Syn Energy between you & your team mate. But there was no option for Toggle this feature on/off. Now you can easily do this.

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This feature is really good for those who play with their regular squads, since it allows them to follow their teammate without doing anything, I know it really is drag to go & accept the follow request. This featue will be really nuisance to those who play random regularly since it will follow any random teammate & you know how those random team players are, you can not even call them team mates since they will never come with you, always go to worst places like Zharki, Stelbar or Gatkha. This people should disable this Default Parachute Follow from PUBG Mobile Settings.

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