Offers Zone

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PUBG Mobile has a Secret Shop which offers amazing discounts on Outfits & weapon finishes. In Past it was named Lucky Shop but now its been renamed to Offers Zone. As a result the Offers were also changed dramatically after that. 

***  Last Updated in March 2020  ***

Offers Zone Weapon & Parachute Finish

Right After PUBG Lucky Shop was renamed to PUBG Offers Zone, they removed all the Permanent Weapon finish Offers. Now Pubg Offer zone only provide temporary Weapon finish offers which are maxed to 30 Days. I haven’t seen a single weapon finish offer for more than 30 days.

PUBG Lucky Shop Weapon skin Offers

300 UC for 30 Days
330 UC for 30 Days
Permanent for 360 UC

Even If you do not like these offers don’t worry, they keep changing the PUBG Offers Zone. They might even add a permanent Weapon Finish offer.Right now PUBG Offer Zone is not even worth checking, But if you want you can buy these 30 Days Limited Weapon finishes. I remember buying Permanent Black Strip M16A4 for 270 UC & Permanent Yellow Strip AKM for 240 UC. Also I bought Reaper M416 for 540 UC from PUBG Lucky Shop. 

PUBG Offers Zone- Outfit Offers

Now PUBG only provides Permanent Outfits for UC. After recent update, PUBG Mobile has added some good Outfits & parachute finish in Offers Zone. But also you need to pay more UC for these good outfits. They are not really that great, But looks really Awesome. I have Bought myself Lifesever Set. Its also available in PUBG Crate but you only get limited ones.

Permanent 360 UC
Permanent 432 UC
Permanent 360 UC
Permanent 324 UC
Permanent 432 UC

So thats all for now, But keep Checking this page time to time for New offers. I will update this page when they change content in PUBG Offers Zone. What are your thoughts on this Offers ? Are they worth your UC ? Tell me in the comments below. Anyone If you like my articles don’t forget to share them with your friends & also Dont forget to check our Youtube Channel- PUBG Mobile Offers Zone we post latest Offers, Update leaks & Many more in Videos.