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Season 13 Royale Pass Rewards & 100 RP Puppet Agent Set Outfit

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SEASON 13 will officially start from May 13 so today is last say of Season 12 Royale pass. Here is all information I got on Season 13 Royale Pass Rewards. The 100 RP Outfits is special this time cause it’s a Upgradable Outfit. This time we will get Puppet Agent Set advanced for 100 RP Reward. So lets get into it. Special thanks to Mad Tamizha for royale pass 13 leaks. Checkout his YouTube channel.

Season 13 Royale Pass Rewards

This season’s royale pass is based on Toy Playground theme. It has different ranger sets, which are based on power rangers. But these ranger sets are not gonna be available in Royale Pass Rewards. Instead we are gonna have all toy playground based rewards. Checkout the below image.

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pubg mobile season 13 royale pass rewards

Here you can see five different rewards. A classic looking Aug & helmet SKIN, a Lego styled Vector & pistol skin & a motorcycle skin. I did not liked the motorcycle skin that much. It looks dull I think. But on other hand Aug & vector skin is really nice. Probably this vector skin will be available on 90 level & pistol will be available on 70 or 75. Aug & that helmet skin might be available at level 1 just like we got that kar98 skin this season. Do you like these skins? Tell me in comments below.

Also New currency AG coins will be useful after season 13 start. Players can choose to get 400 AG coins or 30 UC in royale pass rewards. Checkout more about this Update 0.18.0 Season 13 New gun, New Modes & New currency AG.

100 RP Reward Puppet Agent Set – Upgradable Outfit

Most amazing thing about season 13 Royale pass is this 100 RP Reward outfit The Puppet Agent Set. This outfit has three different level. Only those who buy Elite pass will get this outfit. When you buy elite pass, Toy mastery event will be unlocked. Here you can upgrade this Puppet Agent Set. First it will on Puppet Agent Set – base level.

100 rp reward outfit Puppet Agent Set

As you complete rp mission & gain higher ranks, you can unlock intermediate level. Check above video for Base & Intermediate Puppet Agent set outfit.

When you will reach 100 level in RP you can collect this perfect Puppet Agent Set advanced. This one looks really amazing. It even outshines season 12’s 100 RP Reward outfit. So are you gonna get Elite pass to get this amazing outfit ??🤔 Be sure to tell me in comments.

Ice ranger crate & Fire ranger crate in Season 13 Royale pass

These two outfits are really good. They are based on power rangers. We all liked that show didn’t we. So lets see how this Outfits look.

ice & fire ranger set

As you can see they really look amazing. I think we are already using that ice ranger headgear. It available in Cartoon ranger event, if you completely assemble a cartoon ranger, you get this headgear but limited to one day. But these outfits will be available in RP crates so I don’t think everyone will get these, but they surely look cool. There is also a PAN & Scar-L skin also in these crates. Check the above video for more details.

So what are your thoughts about these 💭💭? Which one you liked most? Feel free to tell me in comment. Also if you haven’t subscribed to my channel yet, checkout the PUBG Mobile Offers Zone-YouTube.

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