PUBG Mobile Season 13 Update 0.18.0 miramar 2.0 new gun modes new currency ag Acegold

Update 0.18.0 Season 13 New gun, New Modes & New currency AG

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PUBG MOBILE SEASON 13 update 0.18.0 is here, it will be live from May 7. This new season is going to brings us new Updated Miramar 2.0 i.e. MAD MIRAMAR. Also along with this we will get New Canted sight (side scope), New P90 GUN in Arena Mode, cheer park, New Jungle Adventure mode, New Bluehole mode & a lot of new features & bug fixes. This update really has a ton of features bundled together. Also PUBG mobile has introduced a New currency AG in the game. So lets get into it.

Download & Install Latest PUBG Mobile Update 0.18.0 For Android & IOS

MAD Miramar 2.0 in Season 13 Update 0.18.0

miramar 2.0 with golden mirado desert storm & Canted sight

I have already made a brief post about Miramar 2.0 in the past – Mad Miramar 2.0 with Scoped win94, Sandstorm, Vending machine & New areas. Miramar 2.0 will be hosting new features like Vending machine, golden mirado, new sandstorm, scoped Win94, New race track, Oasis, Urban ruins & many new areas & compounds through out the map. So don’t forget to check it out. Also checkout my YouTube channel amazing Killing montage & Video tutorials on PUBG Mobile.

Checkout this Download & Install Latest PUBG Mobile Update 0.18.0 For Android & IOS

Canted sight or side scope

new canted sight or side scope in season 13 update 0.18.0

Finally after long wait, the side scope i.e. Canted sight attachment will be available after season 13 update. Now there will be no Need for quick changing scopes. Now you also won’t be needing the extra red dot in your bag. Just attach this new sight to the gun & you are good to go. You can change from long range scope to canted Sight with just one click. Also you can do it whole scoping which was not possible in quick scope change. This will be really handy in combat now. You can change your aim from long distance to close combat in a instance.

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Cheer Park

new cheer park after a hard match end & canted sight

new Cheer park in pubg mobile season 13

This is another feature coming in Season 13 Update 0.18.0. This is just fun thing. As you can see from video above, you can enjoy all fun things from anniversary celebration mode in this cheer park. Also new emote has been seen in the video. And after a chicken dinner you can roast chicken with your teammates now even in classic mode. We still don’t know much specific about. But I will update this post as soon as I get new information. So don’t forget to follow my blog & receive important updates & news as soon as its released.

New P90 Gun Available in Arena Modes

new p90 gun weapon in arena mode new currency ag

new p90 gun weapon attachments in arena mode season 13 update 0.18.0

This new P90 gun will be only available in Arena modes in Season 13 update. This gun will hold 50 bullets which will be really handy in Fast paced Arena mode. This gun looks lot like Groza & Aug. This New SMG P90 uses 9mm ammo. This gun supports upto 6x scope & laser sight. All muzzles are available for better recoil control. This gun has good damage & also bullet fire speed is also good. I really want to play with this gun. Are you excited for this gun? Tell me in the comments.

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New Detailed Result Screen in Season 13 Update 0.18.0

new result screen season 13 update 0.18.0 new currency ag

new result screen miramar 2.0 new currency ag

New detailed result screen will be available after the season 13 update. This result screen will provide you important information about weapons you used. How many shots you fired. How much damaged you dealt with each gun & for how much time you are using it. It also tell you where your shots connected to enemies bodies. check above image for more information. This feature will also provide you % of your bullets that connected to each part enemies body. It also provides your healing info.

EvoGround New Mode: Bluehole Mode or Safety Scramble Mode (coming soon-13th May)

new safety scramble mode in pubg mobile beta 0.18.0

This new Bluehole mode or safety scramble mode is available in PUBG Mobile update 0.18.0 but it won’t be available to play until may 13th. Here is detailed guide on this New Bluehole mode- New Bluehole or Safety scramble Mode in Evogrounds I have explained it in full details how to play & how it works.

New Jungle Adventure mode in Sanhok Classic Match

hot air balloon in jungle adventure in update 0.18.0

This is new Jungle adventure mode which will be available in Sanhok classic matches just like Anniversary celebration mode. It won’t gonna be available in every match. This mode features totems, Hot Air Balloons, Jungle Food & Many More. I will make detailed post soon about this. so stay tuned & follow the blog to get notified each time i make a post on my site.

PUBG Mobile New Currency AG – AceGold

New currency AG AceGold in PUBG mobile season 13

PUBG mobile has introduced a New currency AG called AceGold. 10 UC=100 AG. All silver fragment rewards will replaced with AG in events. Now you can purchase some UC items with AG currency. Also if you don’t have enough AG you can use UC for remaining amount. Players have option to choose 400 AG (equal to 40UC) instead of 30 UC reward from Royale pass. All 30 UC crates has been changed to 300AG & players can still use supply crate coupons that they already got.

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This will be really hard now. If silver frags are removed & you won’t earn AG coins like Silver frags then it will be more & more hard for free players, who were grinding for those silver frag rewards. We still don’t know if we can earn AG like silver frags or we have to purchase it. If nothing else This PUBG Mobile new currency AG is gonna make fans really confused.

New security features- Point Protection matches

This features is for protection to those player who got killed by cheaters & hackers. If players got killed by hackers & cheaters & lost their points, when PUBG will confirm these cheaters your lost points will be added to your stats. This will be really helpful for conqueror & Ace level players since there are huge number of cheaters in this tiers. But main problem is PUBG mobile confirming these cheaters. PUBG mobile need to improve their protection against cheating & hacks. I hope they do better with their Anti-Cheating mechanism.

Setting Improvements-Copy Setting in TPP & FPP & upload to Cloud

Now with new PUBG Mobile update 0.18.0 you can copy your TPP to FPP control settings & vice versa. This will be really helpful since it was really hard for players who play both modes. Now they can easily copy their controls settings from one mode to another. Also now players can upload their sensitivity setting to the cloud & won’t loose their settings anymore. You can easily choose these setting from clouds in case of any problems.

Other features

  • Death replay will be available for every device & will be smoother than before. Added display of damage statistics to the death replay.
  • Loading the s1897 shotgun while using aim down sight will not remove aim down sight.
  • Bullets marks will show the direction of bullets shot from.
  • Light Grip improvements- Better stability & Faster recoil recovery than before.
  • Improved sight animation when player is moving with sight on.
  • Flare Gun-while holding the flare gun or opening backpack players can see which drop will be available after it shot.
  • Shotgun Improvements-Long distance damage reduced, Spread of pallets also reduced to improve close & mid range shots, damage per bullets also decreased from 1.5 to 1.2 for headshots and 1.0 to 0.9 for body shots & Slightly improved vertical spread of duckbills
  • Pressing Fire button while taking health will stop health & attack.
  • Improved bloodstain effect when being attacked.
  • In Close combat screen will shake & being hit.
  • Now you can easily distinguish High/Low toss with changed Throwable Aim.
  • UnEquip function in Quick scope change to remove scope from gun. Tapping the currently equipped scope will unequip it from weapon.
  • Even if Backpack is full players will automatically pick up weapons, attachments & armor on the ground.
  • Latest chat messages will display by default in mactes.
  • Improved Shape & transparency of Enemy location Markers
  • Now players can tap the expired chat marks to display them again. If loot mark disappears after some time, you can just tap that message & it will once again show mark on map.
  • Now if teammates is in combat it will show beside their name just like vehicle & revive icon.
  • Improved voice messaging in battle. Pressing and holding “Voice” will now play new sound effects.
  • Used vehicles will show headlights ON.
  • New Drop tactic- Hotdrop and Slow & steady drop. Same tactic players will have higher chances of being in on team. You can choose Hotdrop or Slow & steady drop from Drop tactic settings.
  • Now K/D has been changed to Average kills per match. Winning match will not benefit to the K/D ratio. This will be really hard for Campers.
  • Users of low-performance devices will experience smoother battles and lower battery consumption.
  • Now players can unlink a social account if they have multiple accounts linked. Also they won’t be able to link same account before waiting for 30 days.
  • Many more new achievements for New modes & New Miramar map.

Bug Fixes

  • sometimes caused players to fall to their death when jumping off of a moving Pickup.
  • Bug that caused some vehicles to drift significantly on the ground.
  • Fixed a bug where lagging in battle when HDR +60 fps was enabled in some high-performance devices.
  • Rendering or lagging when other players entered a player’s field of vision has been fixed.
  • bug which caused some screens to lag.
  • Fixed a bug that caused resolution display errors when switching between the large and small screen display of the Samsung foldable screen.

So what are your thoughts about these all new features & Bug fixes ? Do you think this PUBG mobile new currency AG will be good ? Don’t forget to tell me in comments below.

If you want to experience these all updates before hand, you can checkout How to Download & Install PUBG MOBILE BETA 0.18.3 Android & iOS .Beta version provides new features for testing. Check our full guide. If you like this post Don’t forget to share with your friends. I post all latest news & updates about pubg mobile, so follow our blog to receive these directly in your inbox. Checkout my Instagram channel also, I post PUBG memes & funny & epic clips there..

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