Season 15 Update 1.0.0 ultra hd graphics Erangel 2.0 Cheer park 2.0

PUBG Season 15 leaks- Ultra HD Graphics, Erangel 2.0 & Cheer Park 2.0

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Finally PUBG Mobile Season 15 Update 1.0.0 leaks are here. Next Season is going to be really amazing !! I mean look at all the features. Most interesting one will be Erangel 2.0 though. Players have been waiting so eagerly for Erangel 2.0. And not to mention PUBG Ultra HD Graphics setting. And Cheer Park 2.0 is gonna bring some new arena matches too. But surely many are also gonna be disappointed due to LAG its gonna bring. So lets checkout all details. I am also going to reveal PUBG New update date in this post. Also I am working on PUBG Season 15 tier rewards too, stay tuned & follow us for that. I have attached Full gameplay below, watch full video & subscribe to my YouTube Channel for faster updates.

PUBG Mobile Season 15 Release date

PUBG Mobile Season 15 will be available with Update 1.0.0. This pubg new update date is 14th September 2020. And new season 15 will start from 15th September. This season 14 will end on 13th September. So keep your tier in check.

Erangel 2.0 Update is here, checkout for Direct Download link for all Indians ERANGEL 2.0 update is here!! Direct Download link below

PUBG Ultra HD Graphics is Available in New Update 1.0.0 & Supported Devices

So after big news of 90 FPS coming to all supported Oneplus phones, now these leaks with ULTRA HD graphics are making flagship users go crazy. Since this Ultra HD Graphics requires high resources, this will be available in flagship level phones. But on other hand players who have low or mid range devices are surely concerned about 90 FPS & ultra HD graphics. They surely gonna have disadvantage. what are your thoughts on this ? tell me in comments below. Please Watch the full video above for PUBG Ultra HD Graphics gameplay. Here are some of the PUBG Ultra HD Graphics Supported devices. All flagship level phones. And higher mid range phone which has Snapdragon 755 or higher processors. It Might be available in some 720G processor phones too but will be available with low or Medium fps only. PUBG mobile officials haven’t released any statement yet. And since this is still in testing there is no confirmation yet.

PUBG Season 15 Leaks – Erangel 2.0 Release Date

Finally Erangel 2.0 is Here with this PUBG mobile Season 15. I have already uploaded few Erangel 2.0 gameplay videos on my Youtube channel. Here I have also attached a erangel 2.0 gameplay video & Trailer. Erangel 2.0 has amazing graphics better than ever. The water & houses completely looks like PC Version of PUBG Or even better. You really need to see the full gameplay down below. And in Ultra HD Graphics it will look even cool.

Also Checkout Erangel 2.0 full Guide

Cheer park 2.0 with new Arena matches & Love Island

Now Cheer park has also been updated with some amazing features. In PUBG Season 15 there is new arena where probably players can have squad matches. It will be like Arena mode but maps looks amazing. Also there is Halloween themed new small arena map which reminds you of zombie infection mode. And most importantly the love ❤️ island. This small island feels more like romantic fantasy place where couples can hangout. It even has the swing(Jhula) for couples where 2 players can sit & swing. Checkout the 1st video for full gameplay. This small island has Ballon also which makes it more romantic. You can create small clips there.

This is all that has been Leaked in PUBG Mobile season 15 until now. Stay tuned for more updates. I am currently working on PUBG Season 15 Tier rewards, once I get enough information on this, i will post it soon. So You can follow our blog & follow us on Instagram for fast & small updates that I don’t post on this website. You can checkout our all social links in menu. We also have whatsapp group. If you have any doughts or suggestions you can tell me in comments below. If you like my content share it will your friends, it will help us grow. Thanks for the read ✌️✌️

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